What to Bring

FTA 2012 participants gather in front of a sign at the Continental Divide near Buena Vista, Colorado.

We’ve provided a downloadable list that will help you assemble personal gear for your activities during the FTA program. It may seem there is more than needed, but mountain weather is very unpredictable. You should also pack additional personal clothing—underwear, shorts, jeans, pants, T-shirts, etc.—for casual activities while at camp.

While at Spring Canyon, you will stay at Camp Buxton in 8-person cabins or 10-person framed tents. The cabins are equipped with 4 sets of bunk beds, and the tents are each equipped with 5 sets of bunk beds and have a gravel pad floor. Showers and restrooms are available in a nearby bathhouse. Limited laundry facilities are available at Camp Buxton. Bring the items you need but remember space in the cabins and tents is limited.

Temperatures may range from the mid-80s during the day to freezing at night. Rain and snow showers are probable, especially at high elevations. We DO NOT have much clothing to loan and no suitable rain gear, so while we don’t want you to buy items that you may never use again, it is important that you come prepared! Cotton clothing, when wet, won’t insulate and actually draws away body heat. Make sure that you have an insulating layer you can change into if you do get wet. We do have sleeping bags and Thermarest mats available for rent for a nominal fee if you want to save the airport luggage fees and hassle. Please let us know ahead of time if you desire to rent these items.

Father-Son Packing List    Father-Daughter Packing List