What is FTA?

Father Teen Adventure is specifically designed for fathers to build, repair, or re-establish solid, Biblical relationships with their teenage children.

FTA group rafting

Why experience a Father-Teen Adventure?

Whether you are a dad or a teenager, living life as a family in our fast-paced, “plugged-in” culture is not always an easy task. The pace of life and a tremendous volume of negative messaging from outside influences can easily sidetrack us from deep relationships, both in our walk as Christians and in our relationships with our family. Sometimes we need to unplug from our daily routine and spend some time in a different and challenging environment both to deepen relationships between dads and teenage sons or daughters and to help facilitate the important transition from teenager to grown men and women. Father Teen Adventure is a unique program that was developed to help dads and teens reconnect with God and with each other in the Rockies. In addition to all of that, it is designed to be the most fun that you will ever have in the outdoors!

During FTA you will have a great adventure in one of the most beautiful outdoor regions of the American West while a senior mentor helps guide you through a bible-based curriculum that imparts a vision for authentic manhood or womanhood, reinforced by other fathers. Regardless of the health of your relationships,  Father Teen Adventure will be an experience that will have a positive and lasting impact on your relationship with Jesus Christ and with each other.

A myriad of outdoor activities are planned during the week with morning devotions and evening instructional periods involving scriptural lessons. A dynamic curriculum taught by a mature Christian adult engages the teens as well as fathers, and is specially designed to promote discussion and reflection. Activities include team building, rock climbing and rappelling, ATV riding, white water rafting, a visit to local hot springs, and an overnight campout/cookout. The adventure atmosphere provides a unique setting for spiritual connection, as well as memories that will last a lifetime.

Your familiarity with outdoor skills or activities should not be a concern. Spring Canyon’s staff of professional chefs, guides, teachers and mentors will make sure that your experience is “World Class,” and that you have the opportunities you need to reconnect, rebuild, and refresh both spiritual and family relationships.